Corporate Finance Club

What is the Corporate Finance Club?

The Corporate Finance Club of Notre Dame is a student-led group with the purpose of advocating the corporate finance industry and assisting members in networking, personal branding, and the interview process to obtain internships and full time employment. The Club seeks to supplement the classroom education of members and broaden their awareness of the financial world’s theories, principles, and practices.

Who can join the club?

Membership in the Corporate Finance Club of Notre Dame is open to any interested undergraduate students at the University of Notre Dame, Saint Mary's College or Holy Cross College. The Club is open to business and non-business students alike. 

Why should you join?

  • Learn from the leadership of qualified mentors through the CFC Mentorship Program

  • Participate in Career Treks to gain invaluable information about the inner-workings of major firms and significant networking opportunities

  • Take advantage of the Financial Modeling Course

  • Receive guidance for real-world skills such as resume creation, LinkedIn fine-tuning, and interview preparation

How can you learn more about the club?

Visit the Corporate Finance Club at for more information.