Wall Street Club

What is the Wall Street Club?

Wall Street Club Sophomores

If you take a left off Notre Dame Avenue, you won’t end up on Wall Street right away, but the Wall Street Club is working to close the distance between the Golden Dome and the bright lights of New York City. The club was founded in 2010 with the objective of providing students with the resources and mentorship necessary to prepare for future internships or full-time careers on Wall Street.

Who can join the club?

The Wall Street Club is open to undergraduate students of all majors who have an interest in pursuing a career on Wall Street. The club encourages students to get involved in the club as early as possible in order to take advantage of the many opportunities the club provides, especially the experienced leadership of both older members and alumni mentors.

Why should you join?

  • Learn from the leadership of qualified senior mentors with relevant internship experience and/or Wall Street job offers

  • Witness the industry firsthand through trips to Chicago & New York

  • Prepare for interviews for summer internships or post grad careers

  • Network with a large pool of young alumni who hold full-time positions on Wall Street

  • Diversify career options through exposure to different aspects of the investment & finance industries

How can you learn more about the club?

Visit the Wall Street Club at www.wallstreetclub.nd.edu for more information.