Smart Woman Securities

What is Smart Woman Securities?

Notre Dame’s chapter of Smart Woman Securities (SWS) is part of a larger national organization.  The national organization was founded in 2010 with the objective of helping women to attain and maintain financial independence, and ND is now one of 25 chapters across the nation.  SWS utilizes seminars, mentorships, and trips to national SWS conferences to empower undergraduate women through investment education.

Who can join the club?

Smart Woman Securities is open to all undergraduate women with an interest in deepening their understanding of personal finances and the industry itself. The world of investing can seem foreign to those who have not been surrounded by it for years, and SWS aims to help women of all experience levels navigate that world.

Why should you join the club?

At its very beginning, SWS was started to make the investment industry more accessible to those who had not been exposed to it through years in the classroom or with experience working in the industry. SWS provides its members with unique opportunities to learn about finance, such as

  • Attending national conferences with impressive & experienced keynote speakers such as Warren Buffett

  • Approaching finance from all levels of exposure & experience

  • Connecting with alumni who have gone on to work in the finance field

  • Learning how to be financially independent after graduation

  • Explore financial markets & the world of investing through research projects during the spring semester

How can you get more information about the club?

For more info about Notre Dame’s SWS chapter, email to receive email updates and visit their website:

To learn more about the history and objectives of SWS on a national level, visit