Investment Club

What is the Investment Club?

Investment Club Competition

The Notre Dame Investment Club (NDIC) aims to provide undergraduate students with a window into the world of investing. The club is student-led and is unique in that it manages a live portfolio of long equity positions as part of the university endowment. NDIC offers a blend of practical experience and essential finance education. As part of club meetings, NDIC’s members can pitch stocks in which the club could choose to invest and also attend weekly workshops geared toward underclassmen or those new to finance.

Who can join the club?

The Investment Club is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of major or college. The club leadership consists of students who have investment experience in both an academic and internship setting. Therefore, it is rewarding for underclassmen to join the club in order to benefit from the mentorship of the club leaders. Additionally, club members are able to pitch stocks as early as their first year.

Why should you join the club?

  • Attend investment competitions through the NDIC’s partnership with the Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing (NDIGI)

  • Receive mentorship from incredibly qualified upperclassman leaders

  • Develop portfolio management skills through exposure to the club’s live portfolio

  • Hone skills in stock pitch, teamwork, leadership, and public speaking outside of the classroom through research & presentations

  • Leverage the knowledge you gain to help attain future internships or careers

How can you learn more about the club?

Investment Club Competition

To learn more about the Investment club firsthand, attend one of their weekly meetings or visit the club for additional information about the club and its events.