Unleashed Social Ventures

What is Unleashed Social Ventures?

Unleashed Social Ventures

Unleashed Social Ventures gives meaning to the phrase “Ask More of Business.” A recent addition to the finance-centered clubs at Notre Dame, Unleashed focuses on ventures aimed at creating social change. Their objective is to strengthen Notre Dame’s ties with the ‘impact investing’ community through a combination of education and practical partnerships with various outstanding organizations dedicated to serving their local or global communities. Unleashed’s mission is to act as a model for the potential of universities to utilize their resources in a way that fosters change for the better.

Who can join the club?

Unleashed is open to all students regardless of major or college. One of the club’s major goals is to broaden the common understanding of investing by demonstrating the power of investing in creating impactful social change. Therefore, any student who is looking to find new and innovative ways to shape the community or the world at large is encouraged to learn how to use finance to make that goal a reality by joining Unleashed.

Why should you join the club?

Unleashed provides an invaluable opportunity to apply classroom knowledge for the greater good. The club offers students a wide variety of benefits, including chances to:

  • Diversify your understanding of what investment can mean through the example set by interdisciplinary club leadership

  • Work with organizations striving for social change

  • Learn more about the field of impact investing and how to generate positive social change & financial revenue simultaneously

  • Gain hands on venture capital experience

  • Participate in a club-run pitch competition and in similar events with the Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing (NDIGI)

How can you learn more about the club?

For more information about Unleashed, visit https://unleashed-club.nd.edu/.