Student International Business Council

What is the Student International Business Council?

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The Student International Business Council (SIBC) provides Notre Dame students the opportunity to experience business partnerships with organizations around the world and to participate in real-world case studies . SIBC has seven different divisions that strive to fulfill the vision of “Peace Through Commerce.” The Finance division of SIBC offers semester-long projects to provide participants ample opportunities to apply financial valuation models in first hand, real world applications. Through project participation and dialogues with industry experts, members expand their financial lexicon, foster meaningful contacts, and develop essential business skills and professional etiquette from which to build a career.  

Who can join SIBC?

The Student International Business Council is open to all undergraduate students from the University of Notre Dame, St. Mary’s College, and Holy Cross College, regardless of major or college. Since SIBC is entirely student-run, students involved are able to learn from one another’s experiences, build on their education, and shape the direction of the Council as it continues to grow each year.

Why should you join SIBC?

  • Learn about business opportunities outside of the classroom

  • Get the opportunity to participate in the final presentation of the project you have worked on throughout the semester to corporate offices and firms.

  • Develop essential business skills and professional etiquette.

  • Build relationships with the undergraduate students involved in the Council.

  • Serve the common good through socially responsible business practices and ethical behavior with within the global economy.

How can you learn more about SIBC?

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To learn more about ways you can get involved with the Student International Business Council, email or call (574)631-9044. Also visit the SIBC website at to learn more.