Notre Dame Venture Capital Club

What is the Notre Dame Venture Capital Club?

ND Venture Capital Club is a club in which members learn to source, screen, and invest in venture capital-backed startups. Teams of students are each led by an ND alumni venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley. When those VCs do a deal, they show it to their four-person NDVC team, who does diligence and decides whether to invest real university endowment funds into the company.

Who can join NDVC?

Any student - we welcome all majors! Those majoring in Business, Computer Science, or Science Business might be particularly interested in learning more about investments and venture capital, and are encouraged to join NDVC.

Why should you join NDVC?

  • Build your entrepreneurial confidence.

  • Network with venture capitalists and startups in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.

  • Get the opportunity to actually do venture capital - invest real money into real companies alongside real VCs.

  • Learn about investment opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting.

How can you learn more about NDVC?  

All students interested in learning more about and becoming involved with NDVC are encouraged to visit the NDVC website: