Notre Dame Founder's Fund

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What is the Notre Dame Founder's Fund?

The Notre Dame Founder's Fund seeks to provide opportunities to undergraduate students interested in venture capital to learn how to invest in real companies at different stages from startups to series. The club has three different divisions that partner with venture capitalists that connect the groups with companies that are eligible for investment.

Who can join the Notre Dame Founder's Fund?

Any student, especially those majoring in Business, Computer Science, or Science Business, interested in learning more about investments and venture capital are encouraged to join the Founders Club.

Why should you join the Notre Dame Founder's Fund?

Nd Founders

  • Have the opportunity to have a great influence in the club’s formation process since the Notre Dame Founder's Fund is fairly new.

  • Network with venture capitalists and startup companies in Silicon Valley.

  • Get the opportunity to research and apply your intuition in the investment process for startup companies.

  • Learn about investment opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting.

How can you learn more about the Notre Dame Founder's Fund?  

All students interested in learning more about and becoming involved with the Founders Club are encouraged to contact Horacio Lopez at, who has more information on the application process.