Guest Speakers

Frank T

Industry practitioners lead interactive group discussions that expose students to a variety of post-graduation career options. 


November 25, 2019: Investment Banking Discussion with Paul Stefanick

November 7, 2019: Enlightened Leadership with Paul Karos

November 5, 2019: Aviva Investors with Susan Schmidt

October 10, 2019: ND Investment Club Hosts Will Brennan


April 9, 2019: Hedge Fund Investing: Opportunities & Pitfalls with John Micek

April 3, 2019: ND Investment Office Hosts Wellington Management with Scott Malpass & Molly Shannon

February 5, 2019: Structures of Debt - Everything that Isn't Equity! with Katie DellaMaria

November 29, 2018: Credit Hedge Funds with Bob Ryan

November 26, 2018: Emerging Markets Investing: China with Ed Grefenstette

November 13, 2018: Investment Industry Overview with Erin Bellissimo

November 5, 2018: Investment Banking with Dan Connolly

November 1, 2018: Private Equity with David Koo

October 31, 2018: New Venture Investing: Perspectives from the Front Lines with Frank Timons

October 31, 2018: Day in the Life of a Portfolio Manager with Frank Timons

September 27, 2018: Investment Banking with Paul Stefanick

September 13, 2018: Perspectives in Healthcare Investing with Kori Skiba

September 5, 2018: A Day in the Life of a Buy Side Trader with Molly Concannon


April 23, 2018: Venture Capital & Growth Equity with Mike Anello, Managing Director, M33 Growth

April 12, 2018: Outsourced CIOs with Nikki Kraus, CFA- Managing Director, Global Head of Client Development, Strategic Investment Group

April 11, 2018: Wall Street Careers Student Panel

March 27, 2018: Diversity on Wall Street Student Panel

February 13, 2018: Private Wealth Management with Jessica A. Mattes, Vice President, Private Wealth Advisor, Goldman Sachs