Interviews and Communications

Interview Preparation

As in any industry, the key to successful interviews in finance is preparation. There are multiple stages to the process: first round interviews will likely occur via webcam and will be followed by on-campus interviews and finally in-office interviews. At each stage, employers may ask students a variety of questions, both behavioral and technical. Questions in each category must be appropriately anticipated by students. Refer to Notre Dame Undergraduate Career Services for help with interview preparation and with constructing your professional documents

Communication Etiquette

When communicating with professionals outside of interviews, such as through emails or phone calls, proper etiquette is required. Click here for more information concerning communications protocol. 

The Handwritten Thank You

Writing 2

In an increasingly digital world, a handwritten thank you note may distinguish oneself from other potential job candidates, while also serving as a courteous reminder of appreciation for a professional’s time. For NDIGI’s tips on the art of the handwritten thank you, click here.