Podcast: Josh Lerner discusses NDIGI/PCRI roundtable with 'Working Capital Review'

Author: Kelsey Dool

In June 2017, NDIGI hosted a roundtable with Private Capital Research Institute (PCRI) entitled “Has Persistence Persisted in Private Equity?” Josh Lerner, who is the Director of the PCRI and serves as both the Jacob H. Schiff Professor of Investment Banking and the head of the Entrepreneurial Management unit at Harvard Business School. Lerner recently discussed NDIGI’s June 2017 roundtable on a podcast with the Working Capital Review.

To learn more about the roundtable, listen to the podcast here:

Directed by a team with strong backgrounds in finance and economics and advised by prominent academics and practitioners in the field of private equity, PCRI seeks to advance the knowledge of private capital and its global impact. The findings from PCRI’s roundtable with NDIGI, which concerned the place of persistence in today’s private capital landscape, can be explored in detail in the final Forum Summary.   

NDIGI looks forward to future collaboration with PCRI as both institutions strive to bring greater understanding of private equity to the public. Together, NDIGI and PCRI can work to answer some of the private capital industry’s most pressing questions.