Podcast: Global Investing, Leadership & Education — Kevin Burke, Notre Dame Institute of Global Investing

Author: Working Capital Review

Kevin Burke
Kevin Burke

The role and importance of global investing continues to grow – and get more complicated. At the same time that globalization trends, cross-border transactions and supply chains, technology and more have flattened the world and extended the range and importance of investing, new counter trends of protectionism and nationalism may be changing the game.

The need for understanding, education, and heightened capability around global investing skills arguably has never been higher.

What are these skills? Which trends will be most important as we consider the next generation of global investing?

Kevin Burke is managing director of the Notre Dame Institute of Global Investing at the University’s Mendoza College of Business. In fact, he’s the Institute’s first managing director; Burke is spearheading the launch of this important effort within one of the world’s leading universities to create a first-class research and education facility that, among its many goals, seeks to help integrate graduates into leadership roles within the competitive global investment markets.

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Originally published by Working Capital Review at mendoza.nd.edu on April 18, 2017.