Investment Banking Recruiting Crash Course


The Notre Dame Institute for Global investing is partnering with the Wall Street Club to host an Investment Banking Recruiting Crash Course.  This event will be led by Billy Barth and Sean Dedrick - two juniors who just finished the recruiting process - and will provide students with an overview of the investment banking recruitment process.  The leaders will offer intangible prep (general process, networking, etc.), behavioral interview prep and mild technical interview prep.

Students of all backgrounds and majors are encouraged to apply, as this event is designed to introduce the world of investment banking and its unique recruiting process.  The crash course will take place on February 3rd from 10:00am until about 1:00pm.  Room number will be provided at a later date, but the crash course will be in Mendoza.  Lunch will be provided.

Please note that this Crash Course is a separate event from the NDIGI and WSC Modeling Workshop, but students are encouraged to apply to both.


Please APPLY here.


Please note that if you get accepted into the Modeling Workshop series, you will be expected to stay from 2:00pm-3:00pm for the DCF and LBO Qualitative Overview.

Please reach out to the Wall Street Club (, Billy ( or Sean ( with questions.