Investment Management Leaders

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The Investment Management Leaders Program (IMLP) is a keystone experience offered by NDIGI. Although many of the Institute's programs are available to the broader set of Mendoza students, the Leaders program is an opportunity to provide a more in-depth finance education experience for selected students. Students are admitted into the program through a rigorous application process. Only those students who are driven and passionate to pursue investment management careers are chosen. 

Program Schedule

IMLP, which runs through senior year for undergraduates, is an academic and experiential learning investment program that aims to inspire and motivate tomorrow's investment leaders. When developing the program schedule for this initial cohort, care was given to complement the Mendoza curriculum and provide in-depth opportunities and experiences for the students. Also, as the Institute's goal is to create tomorrow's ethical investment leaders, the programming focuses not only on technical investment management topics, but also on ethical investing and leadership skills.

The Investment Management Leaders Program offers: 

  • A tailored experience — NDIGI is committed to providing a program that prepares students for the challenges and opportunities commonly faced by industry professionals
  • Programming designed specifically for the leaders including 1-on-1 career guidance, internships/ externships, leadership and unique speaker events
  • Mentors individually matched by geography, area of interest and gender
  • Local and national exposure through Notre Dame’s strong alumni community and industry connections.


Each student will be paired with a mentor based on geographic region, area of interest and gender. These mentors have committed to providing contact and support to the Leaders through graduation; ideally, the Leaders will continue the relationship throughout their careers. 

In addition, throughout their time at Notre Dame and beyond, these Leaders are expected to serve as ambassadors and peer-mentors to other Notre Dame students. They have a responsibility to continue to grow the program, share their experiences, and to enhance the relationships both inside and outside the cohort.

Career Discernment

Through innovative programming and curriculum offerings, the Leaders will be exposed to the various disciplines of investment management, including both traditional and alternative asset classes such as private equity, hedge funds and venture capital.

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