Matthew Herzog

Matthew Herzog

Finance and Philosophy, 2020

Hometown: Jericho, NY


  • 2017: Odeon Capital Group
  • 2018: Houlihan Lokey
  • 2019: Goldman Sachs

Commitment to Mentorship

For a high school student interested in finance and investing, Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business is an easy choice. But when I chose to enroll at the university, I was driven by the underlying sense of community and family present on campus and across the broader Notre Dame network. Perhaps unlike any other program or organization on campus, through its commitment to mentorship NDIGI embodies the culture of Notre Dame. During the life of my finance education, my ambitions and interests have changed more times than I can count. At each step of the way, the NDIGI and my mentors have been there both as a support structure and as a source of information. With the help of NDIGI, my aspirations have become clearer, but I know that the institute will continue to be a resource for myself and for other like-minded students with a passion for investment management. Experienced peers, professionals and, of course, NDIGI directors are made available in abundance by the Institute, with no ambitions outside of helping students understand and pursue careers in financial services. This type of dedicated guidance is entirely unique to NDIGI and has its roots in Notre Dame’s values. I’m grateful for the ongoing mentorship that I have received from the Institute, and I hope to give back and mentor students as I continue to develop. NDIGI has done a tremendous job of building Notre Dame’s culture into the program, and it will continue to be the bedrock upon which students prepare to bring the university’s ethical and community values into the global investment markets.

Experiential Learning

The greatest lesson I have learned at Notre Dame is to never underestimate the value of a learning experience, especially if it helps you prepare for your career. For most college students, these experiences come in the classroom, but NDIGI offers a very unique opportunity for students to see a more practical finance education. Early in my sophomore year I was given the opportunity to work on a live capital raise for a growth-stage health technology company through Corby Capital, the Institute’s investment arm. The experience was an incredible learning device for me, giving me a look into the transaction process and an understanding of how to interact with management teams and investors. Before I start my career in investment banking, having seen a deal process will be invaluable to my development and success. Through Corby Capital and other similar programs, NDIGI creates opportunities like this for all students who show an interest, and it prepares students exceptionally well for careers across finance. This type of experiential learning can’t be replicated in a classroom, and I would say it has most certainly enhanced my education, bridging the coursework with the investment management industry. Very rarely do students have the chance to actively engage in projects and activities that reflect the demands of their future careers, but NDIGI is creating a superior breed of finance student by giving them a real look into the nature of the investment management business.