Jocelyn Susilo

Jocelyn Susilo

Finance and Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics, 2019

Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia


  • 2018: Wealth Management Intern at Bank Mandiri
  • 2019: Investment Banking Internship at Nomura in NYC

Combining Theory and Application

Through NDIGI, I have been able to truly combine theory and application. One way I have been given this opportunity is through the Applied Investment Management (AIM) course. Although historically only offered to seniors and graduate students, as part of the Investment Management Leaders Program I was lucky enough to take the course my junior year. AIM allows students to act as investment analysts who manage a live portfolio valued at around $14 million. Throughout the semester, I was able to undertake a deep analysis of two equities beginning from its company overview all the way to its final valuation. Though it was one of the most challenging classes I had ever taken, it was definitely the most rewarding.

Connecting Students with Successful Professionals

Aside from NDIGI’s ability to provide experiential learning opportunities for its students, it has also provided a great network. I have been able to engage with professionals and alumni who are true role models to me. This past year, I worked with Venture Capitalist Kevin Compton and explored alternative careers in venture capital and impact investing. With Kevin’s guidance I have learned to view companies, particularly start-ups, with a different perspective. This has been invaluable to me, not only during the recruiting process, but also as a future investor myself.