Jake Eberhart

Jake Eberhart

Finance and Psychology, 2021

Hometown: Yorkville, IL

Exploring Careers in Investing

When I arrived at Notre Dame, I knew I wanted to major in Finance, but I had no idea what opportunities would be available to me in the field after graduation. I have always been eager to learn more about topics that interest me, so NDIGI’s Speaker Series caught my eye. Hearing from professionals in investment banking, institutional investing, private equity, venture capital, and impact investing at these events introduced me to the wide variety of career paths I can pursue. Aside from the speaker series, the Institute is eager to provide curious students with opportunities to learn more about careers. For instance, I had the opportunity to moderate a student panel of seniors entering various finance careers after graduation. Opportunities such as this are plentiful through NDIGI.


Throughout my involvement with NDIGI, it has been clear to me that a large emphasis is placed on mentorship. Through the Institute, I connected with a number of upperclassmen entering finance careers. Whether in short chats over coffee or through prolonged connections, other students involved in the Institute are always ready and willing to assist in any way possible. I have learned about students’ experiences in internships, received advice for academic success and even built relationships that expand outside the world of business. The Institute has connected me with knowledgeable, passionate individuals who will continue to help guide me as I pursue a career in finance.