AIM & EMI Applications Close

Applications for the following courses are now open and the deadline to submit is Tuesday, October 26th at 11:59pm!

Applications must be submitted by 11:59pm on Tuesday, October 26, 2021.

Important: When creating your application account, you must use your Notre Dame NetID email address when registering (i.e. Failure to do so may result in an incomplete application or a delay in reading your application.

Please see the following descriptions for each course:

Applied Investment Management (AIM) – Junior & Senior Finance Majors, MBA

As you prepare to schedule your classes for spring, we invite you to apply for admission into Applied Investment Management (AIM) – FIN 70640/40640. The application process for AIM opens on Monday, October 4th, and completed applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26th. Details about the AIM course and the application process are provided below. For more information, go to or

Course Objective:

Applied Investment Management (AIM – FIN 70640/40640), launched in 1995, is an intensive, 6-credit course that requires substantial work outside of the classroom. The course is student-led, built primarily around student presentations and discussion. AIM is comprised of 25-30 students per semester, selected through a competitive application process. The selected students-turned-analysts are charged with the research and decision making process required to manage a live portfolio, currently valued at over $27 million. During the course, each student analyst is required to complete a series of reports and presentations on two stocks: one from the existing AIM portfolio and one the analyst chooses as a potential addition to the portfolio. These reports include analyses of business fundamentals, competitive position and strategy, financial forecasts, and valuation.  Brought together, these reports culminate in the analyst’s final recommendation on whether to include the stock in the AIM portfolio. Collectively, the analysts act as a portfolio management team, providing feedback on each other's work throughout the course and voting on final portfolio decisions. The entire body of work is designed to mimic the portfolio management process of a hedge fund manager with a specific emphasis on comprehensive equity research.

Instructors: Professor Jason Reed and Professor Colin Jones

Dates: Monday, January 10th – Tuesday, April 26th

Class Schedule: Monday and Wednesday, 2:00-4:30 p.m. (with some additional Friday sessions and a required class trip TBD)


Who Can Apply:

Enrollment in the spring AIM course is open to one-year MBAs, first and second year MBAs, and junior and senior Finance majors. Non-finance undergraduate students with the appropriate qualifications will also be considered on a space-available basis. In all cases, enrollment is subject to the prereqs described below. Applicants who demonstrate a strong interest in investment management and valuation will be given the highest consideration.   

Undergraduate Prereqs:  

FIN30600 and FIN30400* and (FIN30100* or ACCT30100*)

*Indicates classes which can be taken concurrently.  

MBA Prereqs: 

ACCT60100/60120 and FIN70600 (Investment Management) or equivalents.   


Additional Recommendations

Because of the importance of accounting and financial statement analysis, the professors strongly recommend that applicants complete or enroll concurrently in an advanced accounting course, such as Accounting Measurement & Disclosure (ACCT30110, ACCT30120) for undergraduates or Corporate Financial Reporting (ACCT70120) for graduate students. Equity Valuation (FIN70610) is also highly recommended for graduate students. 


Application Requirements:

In addition to basic background information, the application process will ask you to submit your resume, your transcript or grade history (including all completed courses and schedule of current courses), and an essay response. 


Undergraduate Application Link:

MBA Application Link:


Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26th

Admitted students will be notified the week of Monday, November 8th. If you have any questions, please contact Professor Jason Reed ( or Professor Colin Jones (

Emerging Markets Investing (EMI) - Juniors studying in London during Spring 2022

The Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing (NDIGI) and the Finance Department are pleased to invite you to apply for Emerging Markets Investing (FIN 44530), which is offered during the spring semester for students in the London study abroad program. Completed applications must be submitted through the link below by 11:59 pm on Tuesday, October 26th. Although the majority of the students in this class will be Finance majors, we are allocating a few seats to Economics majors to enrich the experience for everyone.

This 3.0 credit-hour Finance elective course is taught by Bill Kennedy, Portfolio Manager, Fidelity Investments – London. 

Course Description:

This course will introduce students to emerging markets investing and provide them with both the conceptual framework and practical knowledge necessary to understand emerging economies. The course will include significant practitioner involvement, combining lectures that introduce core topics with case studies that emphasize practical application. Students will develop an understanding of the unique dynamics that make finance and investing in emerging markets so challenging. At the conclusion of the course, students will be prepared to analyze emerging market economies and economies in transition, taking into account critical characteristics and historical experiences.


  • Must be FIN or ECON major
  • Campus: London, England (Spring)
  • Prereqs: FIN30400 and FIN30600 [ECON majors will be considered based on their relevant coursework]


EMI Application Link


Application Deadline: 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, October 26th

Admitted students will be notified the week of Monday, November 8th. If you have any questions, please contact NDIGI (