AIM/APEP Application Deadline

Rising Finance seniors - 
As you prepare to schedule your classes for fall, I invite you to consider two courses that require applications for departmental permission: FIN 40640 Applied Investment Management (AIM) and FIN 40685 Applied Private Equity Projects (APEP).  You can find more information about these courses at the Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing (NDIGI) website.
AIM is a 6 credit-hour course, but only 3 of the credit-hours count towards your Finance major requirements.  APEP is a 3 credit-hour course; please note that this course is distinct from FIN 40680 Private Equity and neither course is a prerequisite for the other.  We intend to offer the courses on these schedules:
  • AIM - Monday & Wednesday, 3:00-5:30 pm
  • APEP - Monday & Wednesday, 3:00-5:00 pm
We are using a single online application process for both AIM and APEP, and that process is now open at  We invite all interested finance majors who will be seniors this fall to apply.  The application deadline is Sunday, March 24 at midnight.
You cannot take both courses, but you can apply for both courses if you wish.  After you create an application, you will be asked to indicate that you are applying for: 
  • Both Applied Investment Management and Applied Private Equity Projects with my first choice as AIM 
  • Both Applied Investment Management and Applied Private Equity Projects with my first choice as APEP 
  • Just Applied Investment Management
  • Just Applied Private Equity Projects
For the application, you should be prepared to submit a short essay and to describe your academic, employment, and extracurricular experiences. You will also be asked to upload a resume and grade history including currently enrolled courses (either an official transcript or a report from the insideND Grade History app).
Again, the application deadline is midnight on Sunday, March 24.  Students will be notified of selection decisions April 8-9, about a week before fall registration opens.