Understanding Asset Allocation


Location: Jordan Auditorium

Presented by Brian Cohen, Director, & Meredith Messina, Associate Director, Commonfund

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Brian Cohen

Brian Cohen is responsible for the design, tailoring, and implementation of custom investment solutions for Commonfund’s outsourced CIO clients. He is primarily responsible for asset allocation recommendations, portfolio oversight and analysis and tactical rebalancing. Prior to his current role, Brian was an Assistant Director, where he was responsible for asset allocation recommendations, portfolio oversight and analysis, and investment policy implementation. Prior to joining Commonfund, Brian worked as a product analyst for IPREO. Brian received B.S. in Business Management from Bentley University and his M.B.A. in Finance from Fordham University.

Meredith Messina is responsible for investor relations and client communications for Commonfund's advisory clients. Prior to her current role, she was a Managing Associate on the Business Development and Management Relationship Teams responsible for client communications. Prior to joining Commonfund, Meredith worked for JAOtech Corporation as a Sales Engineer. She started her career as a Client Service Associate at UBS Financial Services in Boston, MA. Meredith received a B.S. in Finance from Bentley University. 

About Commonfund:

Commonfund is an asset management firm founded in 1971 with a two-part mission. First, to create investment solutions and access to managers and strategies for nonprofits that could not attain them on their own.  As importantly, our charter was to also create educational programs that could bring current best practices to institutional investors of all sizes and segments. Our insights have helped to advance asset management practices and grow portfolios through ever-changing investment environments. Commonfund has changed and grown dramatically over the years–expanding both our investment solution offerings and the client segments we serve. Yet, our mission has remained the same: to enhance the financial resources and improve the investment management practices of our clients.