Ben Fouch

Ben Fouch

Finance, 2017

Hometown: Brownsburg, IN


  • 2014: Catholic Charities USA Immigration Specialist
  • 2015: Independent Financial Research [Europe, Washington D.C.]
  • 2016: PwC Management Consulting Intern, Financial Effectiveness

Coming from semi-rural Indiana, Ben Fouch was far removed from the world of finance when he entered Notre Dame. Three years later he has had the chance to explore the field in detail. From performing research into Bitcoin across Europe to organizing a personal finance lecture series that attracted almost 800 students, he found his passion. It was only possible with the help of the world-class faculty and support from the Mendoza College of Business.

Best Learning Opportunities for Undergraduates in the Country
"Every day that I walked into Global Portfolio Management (an NDIGI sponsored class) I knew I was going to experience two hours of insights from one of the top performing investors in the world. To be able to engage with so many different experts gave us invaluable perspectives into the investing world and life in general that would have taken decades of experience to cultivate without guidance."
"The sign of a great business curriculum is one that fosters both practical skills and critical thinking. The NDIGI's Applied Investment Management class pushed us from the first day to improve our technical analysis abilities and investment savvy. Being challenged to make real investment decisions with real funds grown by previous Notre Dame students made deep thought and reflection a must. This is a powerful combination that predisposes any graduate for great success."

Encouraged an Environment of Thoughtfulness and Curiosity
"When you throw so many bright and talented students into a room, you'd likely expect there to be some friction. I find a clash of egos to be the exception, rather than the rule here. More important than where you're from or where you're going to work are what insights and contributions you bring."
"Notre Dame has selected students who they believe to have the ability to take the general exhortation to 'Ask More of Business' and make it particular through their work. That is our responsibility, and I see students carrying out that responsibility every day."
"The best experiences I've had at Notre Dame have come from being curious. You are rewarded for asking good questions here. Communicating my interest is what led me to exciting experiences both on campus, across the country, and across the world."

An Education Focused on Giving Back
"Life is about more than a paycheck or a title on your resume. Students here seem to understand that. At the end of a long day of classes, most students are preparing to go off and volunteer or work with student clubs. Giving their time and talents extremely valued, and we see this same focus reflected in our alumni who are so quick to help."