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The Notre Dame Institute for Global Investing will afford students the opportunity to learn from the brightest minds in global finance. Our educational programs will feature an enhanced and innovative curriculum that includes new classes, workshops and competitions and experiential learning opportunities (see "Programs" tab for more details). Our programs will allow students to gain practical investment experience without having to leave campus. The workshops and competitions are available to students from all colleges and the classes are available to only Mendoza finance majors.


The Institute sponsors a select application-only Investment Management Program for finance majors. Students who intend to major in finance are invited to apply during the Spring of their Sophomore year.  The Program, which runs through senior year for undergraduates, is an application-only academic and experiential learning investment program that aims to inspire and motivate tomorrow’s investment leaders. The Program’s unique learning platform will offer innovative classroom and world class experiences to its participants.  

Enrollment Capacity: 25-40 students per grade

Program Requirements

Only students ultimately admitted to the finance major will be considered for the Investment Management Program. Students admitted to the program are expected to be actively involved in all of the Institute programs.  In addition, program participates are required to use their major and/or university electives to take FIN 35520 - International Portfolio Management (1 credit), either FIN 40640 - AIM (6 credits) or FIN 40610 - Security Analysis (3 credits), and at least one of the 3-credit courses listed below.[1]


  • FIN 44530 - Emerging Market Investing (London Program)
  • FIN 40520 - Global Portfolio Management
  • FIN 40680 - Private Equity
  • FIN 40690 - Behavioral Finance
  • FIN 4xxxx - Applied Private Equity