Jaclyn Daily

Jaclyn Daily

Finance & Economics, 2018

Hometown: Newtown, CT


  • 2016: Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Investment Banking Division
  • 2017: Bank of America Merrill Lynch; Investment Banking Division

Jaclyn came to Notre Dame intending to pursue a career in the medical field. Through her engagement in extracurricular activities at Notre Dame, she discovered an interest in the financial services industry. Through the support and guidance of peers and faculty, she entered the Mendoza College of Business and pursued a career in Investment Banking. She believes that her successful career discovery process is attributed to the diversity of outlets for career guidance within Mendoza.

Integrated Learning Experience
NDIGI provides a distinct learning opportunity for students: integrating practical application and theory. I was fortunate to experience this notable opportunity when taking the Emerging Markets class (an NDIGI sponsored class taught in Notre Dame's London Global Gateway). Not only was I taught by Fidelity's leading portfolio manager, but I also was exposed to a breadth of professionals in the field with niche specialties. Because of the exposure to these professionals, the class's case study analyses were coupled with real world experiences. This type of experiential learning is difficult to replicate and offers an exceptional experience for students.

Emphasis on Giving Back 
The program's professional guidance and extensive network has helped many students, including myself, discover their passions within the financial services industry. Through peer advice, student-run clubs and the faculty network, I was able to determine my interest in Investment Banking and pursue a career in this field. For many students, this type of meaningful guidance highlights the importance of giving back. Entering my final year, I find it both rewarding and necessary to provide underclassmen with the guidance that I once received. This type of emphasis on giving back creates an invaluable network and unique culture within the program."