Harry Parker

Harry Parker

Finance & Applied Computational Mathematics and Statistics, 2018

Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA


  • 2015: GFI Brokerage
  • 2016: Citigroup
  • 2017: Citigroup

Harry had always been passionate about investing, but did not know how to navigate the wide world of finance. The guidance of NDIGI helped him find his path, broadening horizons and showing him the breadth of options available. The institute opened doors and gave him once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that will serve as a launching pad for his future career.

Gaining Real World Experience
"NDIGI bridged the gap between the classroom and the real world. In Investment Management Practicum (IPM) the institute took us to London, the heart of global finance, for a week of hands-on learning. Partnering with one of the worlds top money-managers, we were able to apply the skills we learned in the classroom to a live investment case. Working directly with some of the best in the business, we learned what it truly means to work as an investment professional. We also had a great opportunity to bond with like-minded students, developing friendships that will become the foundation of our professional network. IPM has been a highlight of my time at Notre Dame."

Finding Your Path
"Mendoza and the Institute work hard to help younger students find the right academic path for them. While I knew I wanted to study finance, I had also always been passionate about mathematics. Mendoza made it easy for me to pursue both of these interests through the applied mathematics supplementary major. NDIGI has also helped me share this experience with younger students, connecting me with freshman who were considering studying both finance and applied math. I would not have found this perfect academic path without great mentors, and it's been a joy to return the favor by speaking with these younger students."

Launching Your Career
"Not only has the institute provided academic guidance, but it has served as a great compliment to the career center’s services. The professional experience of the NDIGI team has made them invaluable career mentors, helping me navigate the complicated world of internships. Having the advice and guidance of the institute has been instrumental to making the most of the internships opportunities that are available."